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Course Formats

We offer three types of courses:

Multimedia Courses / Text Courses / Home Study Book Courses

Multimedia Courses

We offer 3 different formats for Multimedia Courses:

  1. On-demand lectures to watch on your computer: unlimited use for 12 months after date of purchase;

  2. Audio only to download onto your IPOD. Listen in the car – a good way to use your commuting time. Drive safely!

  3. Downloadable Power Point slides


We have designed the Power Point slides as lecture notes. Viewing them during the lecture allows you to take additional notes, reinforces the material and makes the lecture easier to follow. Many brokers store in 3-ring binders for ease of future use. Some use these slides in their own presentations.

Text Courses

Text courses are downloadable and printable.

We suggest printing on 3-ring paper and storing in a 3-ring binder. Many brokers refer to this information in their own presentations.

The 3-ring system also allows you to add course updates, which we send from time to time.

A special note on Moral Hazard in American Healthcare and Healthcare Problems and Solutions, both written by Gary Fradin. We have made both books available as Home Study courses and as Text Courses. The reason: some people prefer reading a book; others prefer downloading from their computer.

You can take these courses either as Home Study courses or Text Courses but not both. You will not receive double credit.

Home Study Books

We have carefully selected books that are easy to read, appropriate, educational and – most importantly – interesting. They are available from amazon.com, among others. Most brokers report that they enjoyed reading these, many quite enthusiastically.

Home study credits require an exam, available on our website. Purchase the books on your own and take the exam from us. Our historic exam pass rate exceeeds 90% on the first attempt, largely because we aim our exam questions at concepts and trends rather than names, dates, figures and details.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results or any individual's results.

We welcome your suggestions for additional Home Study Books. Note, however, that we accept only a very small percent of recommendations, as so few books satisfy our four conditions, above.

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